What is a B Corp?

A benefit corporation, known colloquially as a “B Corp,” is a type of for-profit corporate entity authorized by 33 United States and the District of Columbia. The purpose of these corporations is to create general public benefit, which is defined as a material positive impact on society and the environment. Essentially, benefit corporations emphasize the […]

Socially Good Spotlight: Conscious Step

What do they make? Socks. An individual pair of socks is $15, or you can get a set of three for $45.   What do they do? Each pair of socks purchased equals one donation to one of their several charities. Their causes cover a wide range, including rainforest conservation, disaster relief, children’s education, poverty, […]

Already Own a Business? Make it Socially Conscious

The easiest way to create a business that gives back is to mold an established company into a socially responsible venture. Becoming a socially conscious business will not only make the world a better place, but it may also help your company thrive. Of course, speaking about how you want to bring about social change […]

Socially Good Spotlight: Sudara

What do they make? Primarily apparel (women’s, men’s, and children’s), but they also make toys, blankets, and shoes.   What do they do? Every product—from clothing to toys—is made by a woman employed by the company. Sudara protects and supports women who have escaped sex trafficking by providing a platform for creativity and business.   […]